Cat Hazard Alert #1 – TOXIC PLANTS

Although most cats are choosy about what they eat, some curious individuals have been known to accidentally ingest household plants, particularly as part of playing or facial marking behaviour.

Lillies are especially toxic and can cause acute kidney failure and in the worst cases, death. It is best to avoid having them completely in any cat dwelling household.

Other plants that are toxic to cats include tulips, rhododendron/azaleas, chrysanthemums, sago palm, poinsettias (remember at Christmas), and marijuana!

Next time you go to the florist consider these more cat safe alternatives: sunflowers, roses, snapdragons, and gerberas. Alternatively you can provide your cat with cat-friendly herbs to nibble on such as cat nip, lemon grass, cat mint or cat grass. Valerian plant is also safe.

If your cat ingests a plant you are concerned may be toxic seek our veterinary advice immediately. A vet can induce your cat to vomit up the ingested substance if treated within the first two hours after ingestion. After this time supportive care can be given. The longer the time left between ingestion and treatment the worse the likely outcome.

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