“We provide high quality and compassionate care for the unique needs of your special feline.”

Our team spent over twelve months designing Perth Cat Hospital to ensure that we created a hospital that is perfect for our feline patients. We have a quiet, peaceful hospital ward for our in-patients, a separate isolation ward and an ICU area for closer observation of critical unwell cats.

“Our hospital has been designed with detailed attention to the needs of cats.”

For longer hospital stays and for those fit and healthy, your kitty will be able to enjoy residing at our “cat hotel” in boutique cat condos that have been custom made to cater for their special environmental needs.

“Cat’s are not small dogs”

Respecting your cat’s needs for vertical space, every condo has tiers to enable your cats to perch up higher and a separate ensuite litter tray room, away from their accommodation area to give them the privacy they deserve. To minimise the risk of airborne viruses such as cat flu, our cat condos have an integrated ventilation system that accommodates between 15 and 20 complete air changes per hour per condo.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece” – Da Vinci

Cat’s are masters at hiding disease which is why we have equipped our hospital with the latest, modern diagnostic equipment and surgical facilities including an in house laboratory, digital x-rays, ultrasound and dental x-rays. We have even invested in a heated surgical table as cats are highly prone to developing hypothermia during surgery. Refer to our services below and find out more.

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